Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Finally Get Some Attention From Governor McAuliffe! (Note Satire Alert)

In an earlier post I lamented the fact that I had gotten no responses from any emails, letters or phone calls to Terry McAuliffe when he was running for governor. I was trying to get his and other candidates' views on criminal justice and prison reform issues, and assumed that one of his lower level campaign workers would likely send me a position paper on the subject. But no such luck.

I later emailed him twice as Govenor and wrote him three letters  regarding the work of the Virginia Parole Board, which has one of the lowest parole grant rates in the nation. For example, I expressed my concern that the Board had only released 11 of a pool of over 700 aging inmates eligible for geriatric release last year.

(Satire Alert here)

But finally this week I had the good fortune of hearing directly from the Governor himself.  Twice!

Included in my daily list of spam-like emails from well known celebrities pitching their favorite causes, there was the name of Terry McAuliffe, with a sincere message addressed to me, Harvey, personally.

I was of course thrilled when it came through--at exactly 9:45. Then (apparently because he hadn't heard from me) he sent me another one at 11:59, this one simply signed "Terry".

Now I sensed we were getting on a personal, first name basis, and that this could be the beginning of some real conversation.

Or not.

Here are the texts of his messages, both personally addressed to me: 


I don't have to tell you that tonight's deadline is a big one.
Donate before tonight's midnight deadline
Election Day is just 35 days away and the pundits are gearing up to analyze our third quarter fundraising report. Does the movement we built last year have staying power? Is our vision for Virginia one that will work for other Democrats this November?

Then there was this one, about someone he thinks I should know and support:

Harvey --

I know what you’re thinking. Not another fundraising email.

But I’m asking you to pay attention, at least for a moment.

Republicans are spending a fortune to defeat John Foust here in Virginia’s 10th district. $2.8 million in fact.

They’re trying to bring Barbara Comstock to Congress, one of the delegates who voted for the deplorable transvaginal ultrasounds bill.

Harvey, we deserve better than another rubber-stamp for Boehner’s Tea Party majority.

We deserve a true public servant like John Foust.

So I’m asking a quick favor: will you chip in $5 or more to help bring John Foust to Congress?

I think I might pass on the donation, but at least I've finally heard from the governor. Isn't that great?

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