Thursday, October 23, 2014

Could I Get A Patent On This?

Ever notice how dramatically our speech changes when the doorbell rings in the middle of a heated argument? Almost by magic we switch from being rude and loud to speaking respectfully and reasonably--a dramatic transformation.

So I've come up with an idea for a simple invention, an indoor doorbell, one that either combatant in a quarrel could activate at any time.

This would serve as a signal that at least someone is sane enough to recognize the need for a "time out" in order for everyone to calm down and cool off before a conflict escalates out of control. The person who rang for the time out would then be responsible to initiate a time back in an hour or so when the temporary insanity is over.

The indoor doorbell, in short, would call for the change of tone we experience every day when we open our door to a guest--a neighbor, perhaps, or a valued friend, or even a sales person. It works every time.

When I was growing up we had a motto in our house like the one below. Since many of us profess to believe that God is already with us, without a formal knock on our door, shouldn't that make a difference?

God is 
the HEAD of this
the unseen GUEST at every
the silent LISTENER to every

I often hear people say, "But I just can't help myself when I get mad. Things just come out of my mouth I can't control."

I'm not ready to buy that. Just witness the instant change that happens every day when our phone or doorbell rings.

Kind of like Jesus walking right into our living room.
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