Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Las Vegas Chain Comes to the Valley Mall

"The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil."
                                   - I Timothy 6:10a

The Tilted Kilt, the Valley Mall's newest restaurant, is opening on Monday, a part of a franchise founded in Las Vegas ten years ago and one someone has described as a "trashier Hooters with better food."

Like other eateries known by some as "breastaurants," it's designed to appeal to males who enjoy a little leer with their beer, and where one can pick up copies of pin-up calendars and other publications featuring "World Famous Kilt Girls."

All of this is justified by the local General Manager, who assures us that “It’s going to bring a lot of revenue to the area as far as tax revenue, and we’re creating a lot of jobs for the community.”  He goes on to insist the company is built on "a core set of values and principles.”

Those values, I assume, allow for discriminating against all male waiter applicants, along with any females considered to be past their prime or inadequately endowed.

I'm used to being seen as a prude when it comes to being against objectifying women (or men) for profit, but I would point out that prude is closely aligned with prudent. For me, that means that any enterprise I wouldn't feel comfortable having our daughter associated with or our sons patronize, I'll simply avoid. There is no lack of good locally owned eating establishments in our area to choose from.

Having said all that, obscenity comes in many forms, including our culture's inordinate pursuit of most things our malls are trying to sell us, like garments manufactured in death traps in Bangladesh by workers earning a mere $40 a month. Worship of both Mammon and Eros are at the root of so many of the evils associated with our addiction to self-gratification.

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