Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Our Addiction to Stuff is Destroying the Planet

Before we make our next trip to the mall for more stuff, or surf on Ebay to stock up on even more future landfill material, we should take time to click on this link to a provocative piece on “The Story of Stuff.”

Among the points it makes is that if everyone on the globe were to consume at the rate of most of us North Americans we would need several more planets in order to sustain the rate of consumption--and to absorb the mountains of waste--associated with our shopping habits.

After reflecting on that, I recommend we take time to consider the lyrics of the following piece by singer/songwriter Steve Forbert, the first two stanzas of which appear below. Hopefully by then our shopping urge may have subsided:

Good planets are hard to find,
Temp'rate zones and tropic climes,
True currents in thriving seas,
Winds blowin' through breathing trees,
Strong ozone and safe sunshine,
Good planets are hard to find.

Good planets are in demand,
Clean beaches and sparkling sand,
Land masses with room to spare,
Jet streams and perfect air,
High forests and low wetlands,
Good planets are in demand.

And the mind don't know
If the heart can't see;
Let the blind man go
To his destiny...

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brad said...

I love this Steve Forbert song, Dad! (I actually opened for him once, quite a few years ago). Great choice, great blog. :]