Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Brad's Latest Song: "You Can't Fix Everything"

Our son Brad's most recent song sends a strong message about limits in life, a word I need to hear and heed. Maybe I should consider putting its title on my tombstone. 
Read the lyrics below and/or listen to it on his website:

you can’t fix everythingUse Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

you always try your best to clean up every mess,
though you’ve had much success,
you can’t fix everything,
so quick to roll your sleeves, before you even grieve,
as if you don’t believe that
you can’t fix everything
there are things in this world, when they’re gone, they’re just gone
there ain’t no magic words gonna save them,
just a boy and a girl, 7 holes in their hearts,
where were you gonna start to repair them?
I’ve got this private hell, in case you couldn’t tell?
so I remind myself, hey,
you can’t fix everything
pick up each broken dream, examine every seam,
glue where the fracture’s clean but
you can’t fix everything
many things in this world, when they’re lost, they’re just lost
there’s no cost you can pay to replace them,
I’ll fly my heart at half-mast for the love that can’t last,
7 holes in the song we were playing,
but we knew that, yeah, we knew that..
a string tied around my wrist, so I will not forget
the way you whispered it:
“you can’t fix everything…”

Brad is a singer-songwriter in Pittsburgh.
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