Thursday, June 15, 2017

Announcing Harvspot Contest Winners And Honorable Mentions

The world is facing an unprecedented refugee crisis.
Here are the winners of the recent Harvspot Contest aimed at multiplying gifts for Mennonite Central Committee.

The purpose of this effort was to come up with creative ways for people attending the Virginia Relief Sale (but who do not choose to take part in the auction) to make generous SOS (Sharing Our Surplus) donations of money (checks, credit cards, or cash) for war and famine refugee relief at this year's September 29-30 event. This would be in addition to income generated by auction, food and other sales.

The prize entries, as judged by members of our SOS Committee are as follows:

First Prize: $250 contributed in the winner's name to Mennonite Central Committee for war and refugee relief needs:
Jessie Litterell and Darlene Keller each submitted the following:
Sell What You Have: Have a fundraiser yard sale or sell things online, stating where the proceeds will go. People are more likely to buy knowing their money is going to a good cause.

Second Prize: $150 to MCC in winner's name
Ruth Stoltzfus Jost
Ten For Life: Contribute a thank you gift of $10 for each year of life you have been given, to give a better chance at life for desperate people MCC is working valiantly to serve.

Third Prize: $100 to MCC
Jennifer Davis Sensenig and Jessie Litterell each submitted the following:
Five Dollar Friday: Every Friday between now and the Relief Sale add $5 to a jar, bank, or box. Then at the Sale you can add to this cash gift. 

Ten Other Honorable Mentions (the last two are not contest entries but deserve the most attention of all:
1. Give a tithe of what you have in your savings account.
2. Match what you and your household spend annually on eating out.
3. Save the equivalent of a month's rent or mortgage payment to help provide refugee housing.
4. Grow a "giving garden". Sell the produce at a farmer's market or online. All proceeds to be donated.
5. Buy a bag of coffee beans from an MCC fair trade shop, then brew your own morning coffee instead of buying a coffee every work-day morning.  (The daily savings add up quickly!)
6. Eat more homemade meals, spending family time cooking, eating and cleaning up together.  Give the price of a family meal out to MCC each month.  
7. Sell something you have in your garage or attic that you really don't use any longer.  Give that money to MCC.
8. Involve your children. For example, encourage them to give money earned through mowing lawns, planting and harvesting garden and farm crops, doing car washes, etc.

9. Simply sell what you have and give it to the poor. Rewards? Truly out of this world.               
-submitted by Jesus (from the Gospels)
10. Since right now you have plenty, share generously with those who are in dire need. Rewards? At some other time they can share with you when you need it.      
- submitted by Paul (II Corinthians 9)
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