Friday, May 5, 2017

The Growing Case For Jens Soering's Release

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Everything about the Jens Soering case has been sensational and controversial from the start, but if attention were being paid to new DNA and other evidence related to the case, he should clearly be given a new hearing after serving 31 years behind bars.

The son of a German diplomat, Jens was the young Jefferson Scholar at the University of Virginia who says he confessed to the gruesome deaths of his girl friend's parents in 1985 in a misguided effort to save her from facing capital murder charges (hence the Dickens quote which is the title of his most recent book).

Soering admits to being irrationally obsessed with his older girl friend, Elizabeth Haysom, and to conspiring with her to deceive the court about the circumstances of her parents' deaths. He knows he is not without fault in the case, but growing evidence clearly supports his insistence that he was nowhere near the scene of the crime and had nothing to do with the murders.

Just this week the Albemarle County Sheriff, who has examined all the most recent evidence in the case, has become the latest prominent figure who has come out in support of Soering's release, and has made an appeal to Virginia Governor McAuliffe to that effect.

I had the opportunity of meeting Soering briefly while visiting another inmate at the Buckingham Correctional Center several years ago, have been corresponding with him on occasion ever since, and have read two of the numerous books he has had published since his incarceration.

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