Thursday, March 16, 2017

Join In Some Serious Relief Sale Brainstorming!

A new "S.O.S." (Sharing Our Surplus) Drive will help alleviate war refugee suffering.
When I met with the Virginia Relief Sale Committee recently they encouraged me to enlist whatever help I could to promote something new for this year's September 29-30 Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale. We will be encouraging this year's attendees to not only support all of the usual auction and food sales efforts as never before, but to also make generous credit card or check contributions at the annual event held at the Rockingham Fairgrounds.

This is to be an extraordinary response to an extraordinary world tragedy, a widespread (and growing) refugee crisis of unimaginable proportions. The dream is to more than double our total income at this event, which last year raised a near record $341,000.

Thus I am inviting interested persons to a 7 pm Wednesday, April 12, meeting at Village Hall at VMRC (just off Shank Drive) to help generate as many ideas as possible to help promote this initiative. We might want to solicit matching money from area businesses, for example, as well as work together at creative ways of drumming up a ton of support for the idea. 

Your attendance will not obligate you to any further involvement in this project. Just bring your ideas and help promote some massive giving to Mennonite Central Committee, both now and at the Relief Sale.

Here's a link to an earlier post on this idea.
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