Friday, October 21, 2016

Every Life Decision Is A Love Decision

It's obvious, if you think about it, that whatever we choose to do, say, buy, or invest in is an expression of what we most value and esteem. All of our behaviors, without exception, accurately demonstrate what at the moment we love the most, and consider most important. 

By instinct we all tend to be ego-centered, which means we primarily love ourselves. We love what gives us pleasure, adds to our happiness, or makes us feel most special and worthwhile.

Acting out of an appropriate sense of what is in our own self-interest isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if our actions don't demonstrate an equal regard for our neighbor, and an ultimate love for God, they are in fact not in our own best interest. We are not better than, or superior to, others, and it is only wise to live with the good of the human community in mind and in light of the wisdom of our Creator and Lord of all.

Its hard to keep that focus when we are constantly bombarded with message after message, ad after ad, urging us to indulge in more and more things to enhance our personal sense of status and security. Over time we acquire a sense of entitlement, and see our self-indulgence as as our perfect right. 

Jesus, in the tradition of the Biblical prophets, shows us another way. "Blessed," "thoroughly happy," he says, are those who are poor, who are merciful, who love God with their whole being, and who love their needy neighbors as they love themselves--no more and no less. 

Yes, every life decision is love-based.

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