Tuesday, March 1, 2016

For Dear Lovina, The 'Last Mile Of The Way'?

Sister Lovina and Ernest, with son Delvin, photo by family
Just a month ago my oldest sister Lovina, 89, was still actively helping care for her bedfast and beloved Ernest, 90, both living at home in rural Campbell County and surrounded by family. They have been each other's beloveds for 68 years.

A week ago Lovina experienced a series of strokes that began to seriously limit her mobility. In the past few days her condition has only deteriorated.

Youngest son Delvin wrote these words on our family Google group last night:

Momma and Daddy look sweet lying side by side in their matching hospital beds; Mom, frail and fading under her blanket, Daddy, still solid and strong in spirit. He tried mightily to see her with his compromised vision but finally resigned himself just to holding her hand. 
His evening prayer in part was,"Father help us to be faithful the last mile of the way...."
Holy ground.

Having just lost my youngest sister in December, and having previously said farewell to two others, this comes hard. Lovina was the diminutive but indomitable spirit that brought so much light and life into our family. She loved her husband and their seven children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren--all living nearby except for son Howard, who died in 2000. She had a passion for gardening and for learning all she could about local history and researching her family's past.

To say she will be missed is a huge understatement. Lovina's absence will leave a huge hole in the family soul.

Pray for us.
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