Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jesus In Disguise

Today I post one of my Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter son's recent songs that I really like. It's based on the following statement by Mother Teresa:

“If we recognize [Jesus] under the appearance of bread, we will have no difficulty recognizing him in the disguise of the suffering poor.” 

there's a book some of us pray from,
with a message that we stray from,
standing right before our eyes:
   Jesus in disguise.

lofty songs, sung on the weekend,
don't last long once trouble sets in,
but that comes as no surprise
   to Jesus in disguise.

     Master, when did we see you,
     and not clothe you, and not feed you?
     if we had known, we would have tried,
     if only you had given us a sign,
    standing there, in plain sight..

if there's a hell, it's just a courtyard,
behind the wall around a safe heart,
we built so tall, it blocks the light,
     tell us, when did we see you,
     and not help, or even greet you?
     how were we supposed to trust?
     you did not look or sound like us,
    lock the door, who's left outside?.
in that book some try to follow
you'll find a truth that's hard to swallow,
he was right before our eyes,
   to Jesus in disguise,
standing there, in plain sight...

- Brad Yoder, all rights reserved
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