Monday, August 17, 2015

Every Couple Needs A Good 'Safe'

A marital 'safe' helps manage conflict 
How do you handle relationship problems that threaten to ruin your day or even destroy your marriage?

One alternative is for couples to have a secure 'safe' (metaphorically speaking) in which to place issues that at the time seem to be too hot to handle.

Temporarily storing something doesn't mean burying it, pretending it no longer exists, or vowing never to bring it up again. Rather, it means keeping both the problem and the relationship secure until you are calm enough and confident enough to deal with it in a mature, productive way. Or if necessary to turn to a congregational leader, counselor or mediator to help you do so.

In spite of how urgent some volatile problems seem, few of them actually demand immediate attention unless they involve something like a fire or a serious accident. In other words, you can safely file them as problems, not crises.

Meanwhile a fireproof marital safe can help keep your relationship from going up in flames.

Metaphorically speaking.
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