Friday, February 27, 2015

The Sometimes Maligned DNR--Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Some of my friends and I often lament the content and tone of our Harrisonburg paper's editorials, but in all fairness I have to express appreciation today for editorial page editor Cort Kirkwood's cooperation in posting my piece "Brethren Resisted Resistance".

First of all, he was willing to do this in record time--knowing I that I preferred that it be in for Black History Month--even though I didn't get it in until Monday. Second, the story was published even though it could be read as putting some of the Byrd family (the publishers of the newspaper) in an unfavorable light.

So I commend the DNR for its willingness to post opinion pieces with which it may not always fully agree. An open press helps promote a healthy community conversation.

If you aren't an online or regular subscriber, here's the link to a November12, 2014, blog with essentially the same story.
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