Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pure Passion

Fully celebrated when the time is right
"Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure."
- Hebrews 13:4a

A pastor friend of mine once told me about a group of young teen boys from his church he took on a camping trip. After he retired and they all thought he was sound asleep, several started talking about of some of the liberties they had taken with girls they had been with. One young man, however, who remained unimpressed, said, "The main reason I want to be a virgin when I get married is because I want our sex to be really, really good."

Wise beyond his years.

According to the landmark study of "Sex in America: A Definitive Survey" published by the University of Chicago in 1995, religiously oriented monogamous couples, to the surprise of many, reported having more frequent sex and enjoying it more than non-religious and non-married couples.

Could it be that celibacy before the wedding and fidelity throughout marriage aren't prudish, outdated notions as much as genuinely prudent choices that result in the greatest possible satisfaction in the bedroom?

Here are nine qualities* associated with great lovemaking:

PURE LOVE: "Pure" literally means "unadulterated". In this case it suggests a life of faithful and passionate lovemaking with the pledged love of one's life, treating them with care, fidelity and pure love.

PURE JOY: Devoted couples experience lovemaking in a spirit of celebration and abandonment, without undue reservation or regrets, all resulting in the exquisite and shared pleasures of pure joy.

PURE PEACE: The best lovemaking results in a renewed a sense of bonding and togetherness, an unmatched kind of united and safe feeling with ones beloved, resulting in pure peace.

PURE PATIENCE: Good lovemaking never demands ones one immediate pleasure but seeks the pleasure and enjoyment of both, and is always committed to working things out when difficulties arise. Pure patience.

PURE KINDNESS: Great lovemaking isn't just about what happens in the bedroom, but is an integral part of life throughout every day. There is nothing so conducive to intimacy than consistently respectful and considerate expressions of pure kindness.

PURE GOODNESS: Becoming thoroughly good people and good partners adds greatly to the appreciation and respect good lovemaking thrives on. We may never achieve "good" in every respect, which is where amazing grace comes in, but pure goodness is always our aim.

PURE FAITHFULNESS: The kind of trust needed for uninhibited and passionate lovemaking is nurtured by consistent fidelity in thought, word and deed, resulting in a relationship without remorse or regret for past inappropriate or addictive behaviors. Pure faithfulness.

PURE GENTLENESS: Soft, loving touch and tender words of affection fan the flame of desire like little else, adding to the intensity and deep pleasure of being intimate. Pure gentleness.

PURE SELF CONTROL: Strong boundaries protect strong relationships. Good lovemaking involves the exercise of personal restraint as well as times of shared abandonment. Pure self control.

* "fruit of the Spirit" from Galations 5:22-23
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