Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Of My Pet Peeves

I try not to grow too long a list of things I find disturbing, annoying or irritating. Should I just get over this stuff?

• Long lines of vehicles, V-8 engines running, waiting their turn to order unhealthy food at drive-throughs.

• Well-to-do folks (including most of us in the top 3-5% of the world's wealthiest people) constantly complaining about how financially stressed they are.

• An endless array of bogus "tests" circulated on Facebook that supposedly tell us what celebrity, rock band, or Sesame Street character we are like.

•  Able bodied people who let their kids use automatic door openers designed for the handicapped, and who themselves regularly use escalators and elevators when stairs would provide them with some much needed exercise.

• Congregations (and individual members of faith communities) who are all too willing to split off and divorce themselves from other believers with whom they disagree.

• Folks who are capable of thinking only along denominational, party or ideological lines and don't seem open to the possibility of ever learning anything from folks with whom they disagree.

• Commercials, especially those by highly profitable drug companies trying to persuade us to "ask your doctor to see whether _____ is right for you."

• People decrying waste and misuse of funds designed to help the poor and sick while completely ignoring waste, fraud and abuses in the name of "defense".

• Endless texting and cell-phoning while avoiding conversations with people who are actually present.

• Non-scientists denying the science of how human activity is contributing to climate change.

• Over-protective and over-indulgent parenting.

• Virginia's no-parole law and other punitive aspects of its supposed "department of corrections".

What are some of your own favorites?
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