Saturday, January 12, 2013

If There Were no Sexual Assaults

Women of India demand justice, respect
The recent brutal gang rape and murder of a medical student in New Delhi reminds us of the horrific injustices women have experienced at the hands of heartless men for far, far too long.

Mila Litchfield, in a piece in EMU’s student paper, the Weather Vane, in December, 2011, writes, “Here are the things I would do if sexual assault did not exist: Hitchhike, go camping alone, take midnight walks, take morning walks... make eye contact with strangers, smile at people, walk down the street without being scared. It’s kind of a depressing little list.”

She goes on to say,  “But I live in a world where sexual assault is an unfortunate reality and ‘not being scared’ is just a luxury that I cannot afford. The risks are too high...  They say that one in four women are affected by sexual assault. The truth is that all women are affected...”

Powerful and sobering words, calling us all to strongly support Mila’s closing statement, “I can only hope that I will live in a world in which I can go hitchhiking. I can only hope that someday I will live in a world where I can walk down a street without having to be constantly alert to my surroundings. I can only hope that someday I will live in a world where I will feel comfortable smiling at strangers. But until that day, will you be there for me? Can we be there for each other?”

Yes, Mila, we can and we must, and for sexual assault victims everywhere.
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