Friday, July 6, 2012

"Steps to Better Health" Initiative

Sitting in the waiting area at JMU's Blue Ridge Hall recently I observed the large number of able bodied people using the elevator instead of the stairs.

This got me thinking about an idea I thought I'd post here for your response. What if we all got behind a "Steps to Better Health" campaign to encourage more stair use, perhaps by creating an attractive note that could be posted on elevator doors that went something like: "If able, use the stairs to improve your health and save energy."

Climbing stairs forces you to lift your body weight, so it strengthens your legs and hips while also getting your heart rate up. It's a super-easy way to sneak in some cardio: The average person burns almost 150 calories in just 20 minutes of stair-climbing, which is equivalent to around 33 minutes of yoga or 35 minutes of brisk walking.

For people who are concerned about enhancing their physical well being as well as the health of the planet, this could be a low cost effort that could spread everywhere. And maybe someone could design a catchy logo and/or a slogan to go with it.

Your thoughts?

P. S. And don't even get me started on the subject of able bodied people using automatic door openers designed for the handicapped.
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