Monday, May 14, 2012

State-of-the-Art Wind and Solar Technology

Where I grew up you could always tell it was Monday because of all of the clotheslines in the neighborhood hanging heavy with the week’s laundry. These days clotheslines are often considered eyesores and even banned in some residential areas.

I can’t help but lament the kinds of pleasure and benefits folks miss by not enjoying the fresh, sun-drenched results of sheets and other laundry dried in the fresh air and sunshine. Fabric softeners can provide some artificial aromas to substitute for the natural work of the sun’s rays, but only because of some potentially toxic chemicals that are introduced in the process.

You just can’t compare natural drying to what happens when clothes and linens are bounced around in machines that result in the rigorous wear and tear we know as lint, another term for "costly damage to good clothing." And of course if we paid attention to what our electric or gas meters are telling us when we’re running our dryers, we might have even more second thoughts about whether we should be wasting so much energy battering our laundry about every week.

As an advocate for values like thrift and good stewardship of God’s earth, I’d encourage everyone to consider the merits of going back to some of the simple and earth-saving practices we’re losing in our quest for ever more ease and convenience.

And the benefits of the extra exercise we get in the process couldn’t hurt us, either.

For more on this subject, check out this link.
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