Monday, February 14, 2011

To my one and only!

We aren't prone to lavish celebrations, but Alma Jean and I enjoyed a delicious pre-Valentine dinner together Saturday evening at the quiet little Calabria Italian restaurant nearby, after which I felt moved to write the following in a card I'd gotten for her:

Dearest Alma Jean,

It's hard to believe that on Valentine's Day 47 years ago we sent out the cards we had printed to officially announce our engagement, with the words:

two hearts
warmed by breath of God's own love
have met to melt into one

I don't know if we've accomplished the "melting into one" part (if that's even possible or desirable), but I believe we've managed to do something even better. Together we've created and maintained a partnership that has resulted in tons of precious memories, wonderful intimate moments, a stable and lasting marriage of over 46 years, three precious children, a great son- and great daughter-in-law, and soon to be six truly incredible grandchildren.

I chose this card because it said, in a few short words, exactly, exactly how I feel:

I love and adore you
   to no end--
My wonderful wife,
   my very best friend.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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