Monday, January 3, 2011

Ten Reasons Not to Invade Iraq

Eight years ago I wrote the following letter that appeared in the March 8, 2003, Daily News-Record, twelve days before the US invasion of Iraq:

Editor, DNR:

Here is my list of the top ten groups opposed to the use of bombs and missiles (weapons of massive destruction) to depose Saddam Hussein:

10. Fiscal conservatives: It’s irresponsible to spend $100 billion we don’t have on this kind of blitzkrieg--and that is if all goes as planned. It may cost untold billions more to win this war and to keep the peace.

9. Die-hard pessimists: Nothing will go as planned, and we could be getting ourselves into another Vietnam.

8. Eternal optimists: Saddam, like our former archenemy Fidel, is advancing in years and won’t be around forever. And there are far less costly ways of containing him.

7. Internationalists: Moving forward without stronger support from the UN and other allies will only weaken our much needed influence around the world.

6. Isolationists: We’ve got enough problems at home, and shouldn’t use our defense forces to stir up a hornet’s nest half a world away.

5. Environmentalists: The planet can’t afford this kind of devastation and misuse of its resources.

4. Pro-Israel advocates: Further turmoil in the region could further threaten Israel’s survival.

3. Pro-life advocates: Countless numbers of unborn children will be murdered, and even more of those already born will suffer and die.

2. Pro-peace advocates: Let’s stop resorting to unspeakably barbaric ways of dealing with human conflicts.

1. Followers of Jesus: There are many fellow-believers in Iraq who are our friends. As to our enemies, we are under orders to love them, not kill them.
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