Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Right to Bear Cars

Senseless killings by deranged people with semi-automatic weapons raise legitimate questions about gun rights and gun ownership. But if vehicles can be regulated in the interests of public safety, why not weapons?

Considering the arguments of some who react in horror to any such suggestion, here’s my tongue in cheek proposal for another amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as follows:

    “A well regulated transportation system being necessary to the wellbeing of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear motor vehicles shall not be infringed.”

    Had the founding fathers been able to foresee America’s love of motorized vehicles, they would have made a constitutional provision for their free and unfettered use. But with all due respect, they could see no further than the ends of their muskets on this one, so it’s up to us to create the following inalienable rights for ourselves:

    1. No more state imposed vehicle taxes, registrations, or license fees. Since the power to license and to exact fees represents the power to control, you can see the kind of slippery slope we’re on here.

    2. No laws to regulate traffic speeds, impose annual inspections, or limit the width or weight of vehicles or freight carried on the highway-- as long as no crimes are committed. After all, it isn’t cars, but people, that endanger people.

    3. No driver’s license or examination requirements.  Decisions regarding who may operate a vehicle (or at what age) would be left to the discretion of individual heads of households.

    4. No state mandated liability for damages involving one’s vehicle.  Requiring such insurance is just another form of government interference and control.

    The urgency of the above is apparent when you consider the indisputable fact that without it law abiding citizens will soon lose their right to keep and bear vehicles, and as the Good Book says, “when cars are outlawed, only outlaws will have cars.”  Who would want to live in an America where its upright citizens, the police, and even its “well regulated militia” would lose all their cars, trucks, motorcycles and armored vehicles?

    Just kidding.
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