Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Practicing Good Soul Care/Whole Care

Graphic by Christ Community Church, Helena, Alabama

I remember years ago when then governor Jesse Ventura of Minnesota, former wrestler turned politician, made the off handed comment in an interview that religion was for “weak minded people who need strength in numbers.” His remark set off a furor of negative reaction all across the nation.

In the aftermath some 68 churches in Minneapolis-Saint Paul decided to respond in a positive way. They took out a full page ad in the November 19, 1999, Star-Tribune with the headline, “Strength for the Weak-Minded,” then listed the addresses of all 68 sponsoring congregations, followed by the words “Look for a workout location near you.”

Actually, Jesse (nicknamed “The Body”) had a point. All of us human beings are more than a little weak-minded at times, and have a need to belong to a good support network. For many, this will be a family of faith who are there for us when we are experiencing losses and challenges in our lives, and who help us become healthier and less selfish people.

You may have heard the statement, "The church isn't meant to be a museum for saints, but a hospital for sinners." But I rather like the metaphor of congregations being a "workout location" for those aspiring to be healthier day-to-day "saints" even better. Just as join Wellness Centers to gain better physical health, why not become a part of group of people focused on emotional, relational and spiritual wellness?

Just look for a good location near you.

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