Thursday, February 23, 2017

Media: 'The Enemy Of The American People'?

We hear a lot about a liberal bias in the press these days, as though media were a monolithic entity in which publishers collaborated and conspired to promote a progressive agenda and to bring down the current administration.

What the above graphic by the Pew Research Center shows is that media outlets are perceived by readers and listeners as representing a wide range of points of view. Pew's work is based not on an analysis of content, but on the actual news sources chosen by people based on their own stated ideological bent. 

I for one am grateful for our having a full range of points of view expressed through our (so far) free press. To say they are "the enemy of the American people" is far from the case. Rather, imperfect as they may be, they represent a major safeguard against our falling prey to tyranny and oppression. 

It is not by accident that the First Amendment of the Constitution enshrines both our freedom of expression and the freedom to live out our faith according to our own conscience and beliefs. My immigrant ancestors came to this land largely because of this promise.

May it ever remain so.
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