Friday, March 11, 2016

An "Impossibly Beautiful Day"

Lake Arenal and Vulcan Arenal in Costa Rica (photo by Brad)
Our four-year-old grandson, waking up to an unusually mild and sunny morning at his home near Rochester, described Wednesday as an "impossibly beautiful day".

It was a perfect way of expressing my own feelings about the day, one in which I safely arrived home (at 1 a.m.!) to be reunited with my beloved Alma Jean after a memorable five-day excursion to Costa Rica to spend time with my aging brother and family.

Then last evening we felt "impossibly blessed" by being given the 2016 Harriet Tubman award at the Lucy Simms Community Center here in Harrisonburg. Harriet Tubman has always been someone I've greatly admired, a brave woman who helped hundreds of slaves find freedom by means of the "underground railroad" that led to their "promised land" to the north.

Pastor Stan Maclin, president of the Harriet Tubman Cultural Center (photo courtesy of Daniel Lin, DN-R)

Sincere thanks to all of you who came to wish us well. We experienced the time together as an over-the-top, more-than-we-deserved experience of love and affirmation from our wonderful community friends and associates.

As always, we owe an impossible debt of gratitude to God, our church family and to all of our spiritual "grand-cestors" who have have inspired us, and who have led the procession of saints and sojourners toward a new heaven and a new earth.

An "impossibly beautiful day" for sure.
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