Monday, July 6, 2015

Behind Bars For A Combined 458 Years, 17 Inmates Send Get Well Wishes To Alma Jean

Charles Zellers, Sr., an inmate at Buckingham Correctional Center, prepared a get well card for Alma Jean when he learned she had undergone her recent heart procedure. Charles has been in correspondence with me for some time as one of the many parole-eligible inmates who has been turned down time after time in spite of having worked hard at doing everything possible to earn parole release. He had been assured by his attorney that his early release would be a sure thing when he reluctantly signed a plea agreement in 1993.

Charles, who has been behind bars for 22 1/2 years, decided to invite some of his friends who are in similar circumstances to sign the card as well, along with the number of years they have been incarcerated, as follows:

Get well soon! Taylor, locked up 23 years.

God Bless, Ricky Hunter, 31 years

I hope you get well soon, God bless you. J. Hamm, 23 years

I wish you a speedy recovery. God bless you, D. Worrell, 37 years

May God bless you, L. Jones, 32 years

God loves us all, Larry, 25 years

May the Lord be with you forever, James Fitzgerald, 29 years, up for parole July 1.

May God bless you, and you are in my prayers, from Brother Charles Smith, 21 years

God bless, James T. McKey, 25 years

Get well soon, John B. Williams, 38 years

J. Wright, 38 years

God bless and keep you. May you recover quickly and get well soon,  Ken Menson, 6 years, no parole

God bless you and get better soon. I hope you. I hope you feel better soon. He never gives more than we can handle.  Steve Colosi, 15 years, no parole

May God keep you under his wings. R. Akers, 26 years

God bless, Joe, 42 years

Get well soon, (name illegible), 25 years

Needless to say, we found this card very touching, one we'll definitely keep as a reminder of the love and blessing of the good men at Buckingham who signed it.
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