Thursday, June 25, 2015

Valley Family Forum Airs Program On Local Justice Reform

You can listen to previous programs here
I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Dean Welty, Rita Dunaway and Dr. John Sloop for their weekly Crossroads radio program. Sponsored by the Valley Family Forum, this particular segment of Crossroads is on criminal justice reform, and will be aired this Sunday morning on several local radio stations.

I deeply appreciate the Forum paying attention to this topic in addition to such themes as religious liberty, the sanctity of marriage and protecting the lives of the unborn. I see this as a good example of how people of faith can work together on issues of mutual concern.

The program to be aired this weekend covers topics ranging from the need for improved mental health services at our local jail to our nation's tendency to incarcerate a far larger percentage of our population than any other country on earth. We also pay attention to the teachings of Jesus and the Hebrew prophets regarding the restoration of offenders, release for prisoners and ministering to "the least of these" who are increasingly ostracized by our society.

You can tune in Sunday to WBTX/AM (1470) at 7:30 a.m., WSVA/AM (550) and WSVA/FM (92.1) at 8:30; WHBG/ESPN (1360) at 9:00; and WNLR/AM (1150) at 11:30. Crossroads is also aired at 4 pm Saturdays on WBTX, and you can listen online here any time. 

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