Friday, March 27, 2015

Top Ten Reasons To Attend Gemeinschaft Home's 30th Anniversary Celebration April 10

Internationally known keynote speaker Howard Zehr
10. You deserve an unforgettable night out.

9. The meal is provided, so your contribution to Gemeinschaft will be fully tax-deductible.

8. Trust me, any food prepared by Gemeinschaft's Chef Brenda Leigh is a real treat.

7. You'll meet the dedicated members of the Gemeinschaft Board.

6. You'll learn more about Gemeinschaft's new plans for a "Day Reporting" program that local authorities are considering as one alternative to incarceration at our local jail.

5. You'll get to meet some of the Gemeinschaft residents, who will also be serving you your meal.

4. You'll hear a testimony by Gemeinschaft alumni and pastor Mercedies Harris, now active in working on the restoration of rights for ex-offenders.

3. You'll get a free copy of a newly published piece on Gemeinschaft's 30-year history and mission.

2. Howard Zehr, professor emeritus of Restorative Justice at EMU's Center For Justice and Peacebuilding, is our honored keynote speaker and guest.

1. Your generous contribution will help Gemeinschaft Home be in a stronger position to carry on its mission into the future
Please register ASAP at or call 434-1690 by April 6.

Visit Gemeinschaft's new website or its Facebook page -- and help us spread the word!
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