Friday, July 19, 2013

Exercising Control Over the Kingdom of Me

I meet a lot of folks who feel their life is made miserable, if not downright intolerable, by people and circumstances over which they have no control.

I understand that feeling. But I also believe we can exercise sovereignty, with God's help and whatever other help we need, over everything that that goes on inside our own skins, in what I call the "Kingdom of Me", and especially in the throne room of our own skulls, e.g., in our God-given minds. That's where the crown rests.

The word "kingdom", of course, refers to a king's domain, the realm over which a monarch rules. And when it comes to our own inner beings, that's where we, with God's help, reign supreme.

No, I'm not advocating an egotistical view of ourselves or of our importance. I'm simply urging the exercise of both our ability and our responsibility to successfully manage our actions and our emotions. In other words, to never resort to "S/he made me (so mad, so depressed, etc...)" or "I just couldn't help it," or "I simply can't control myself." That would mean giving away too much power to others that belongs to our own mature adult selves.

In my case, I want to be sure that the Kingdom of Me is one in which God is loved and revered, with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength. So I've chosen invite the Almighty to co-rule over my mind and my moods. But life as a gift over which I and each of us must exercise the choice as to how, or by whom, our lives are governed.

I don't want the "Kingdom of Me" to be taken over by other outside forces.

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