Sunday, February 3, 2013

Responses to 2012 "Superbowl Insanity" Post

A year ago I blogged some of my thoughts about our national Super Bowl obsession. That piece then got posted on the Mennonite Weekly Review's "Our World Together" blog, where it drew a lot of interesting reactions.

I later posted some of those responses on Harvspot, and to my surprise, that post has generated over 2100 page visits (1/20/14 update: close to 6000).

My feelings haven't changed much about our most revered of national holy days, dedicated to our love of an overly aggressive sport called football. And there is not much new to say about the spectacle itself, except for two brothers being the head coaches of the competing teams this year, and that a 30-second television commercial for the event now goes for $4,000,000, as compared to last year's $3,500,000.

Is all of this a form of craziness or what? Or is it just all about an institution designed to generate tons of money?

What do you think?

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