Sunday, April 30, 2017

YOUCARING Fund For Rebecca, Mia and Kenzie

Rebecca and Cameron with Mia, now almost 2.
Kenzi, not pictured, is 3 months old.
We have had three recent funerals in our family, my brother Eli's in February, my brother-in-law Ernest's on the first day of April and my 23-year-old grandnephew Cameron's on this last day of the month.

While we should have been somewhat prepared for the first two of these losses, no one could have anticipated the sudden passing of Cameron, who died suddenly of a heretofore unrecognized heart condition this past week. Cameron, married less than three years ago to Becky, the passion of his life, left behind two young daughters Mia and Kenzie.

It was members of Cameron's extended family who led today's memorial service at Bethel Mennonite near Gladys, two pastors who were Cameron's first cousins once removed, his uncle Merle who brought the message, a brother-in-law who shared family memories, a second cousin who led the music, and his uncle Calvin who was in charge of the burial service.

All of this brought back painful memories of an untimely death in our family just over a year ago, another recently married grandnephew Kendall Yoder.

We met with members of the family yesterday to be of whatever support we could, and today we listened to the service by teleconference. An ensemble made up mostly of Cameron's close relatives sang "I'm Just A Poor Wayfaring Stranger", bravely expressing what we pray can be an anchor for this devastated young family--and for the rest of us who are left behind.

"I know dark clouds
Will gather 'round me 
I know my way
Will be rough and steep
But beautiful fields lie just before me
Where God's redeemed
Their vigils keep"

Here's a link to the YouCaring Fund site:

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